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Between the sky and the sea of the Sorrentinian Penninsular
Immersed in a splendid corner of the Sorrentinian Penninsular in the town of Meta, Hotel Giosuè a Mare has been recently modernised, and with its warm hospitality, typical of a family run hotel, makes each and every guest feel special.
Thanks to its tranquil surroundings, Hotel Giosuè a Mare is the ideal location for whoever may want to rest and regenerate themselves. The Tito family takes care of your every need and guarantees to give its guests an unforgettable holiday in a beautiful oasis of peace

Deluxe Room

The Rooms

From the panoramic terraces overlooking the sea of ​​the Hotel Giosuè a Mare you can admire the sunset, the Sorrento Coast, the gentle sailing of the boats. Taste a good wine, white or red, a cocktail or taste one of the dishes proposed by the chef.

Ristorante Giosue a Mare Meta di Sorrento

The Restaurant

Spiaggia di Meta di Sorrento

The Beach

Weddings & Events


A unique location, a corner of paradise just a short walk from the center.

Hotel in Sorrento Giosuè a Mare Meta – Restaurant Meta